WUWM Membership Application Form

Membership fees are adopted by the WUWM membership on the proposal of the Board at their annual meetings. Fees for wholesale markets are calculated according to annual tonnage. Today, more than 200 members from over 40 countries are affiliated to WUWM. If you would like to indicate your interest in becoming a WUWM member, please complete the form below. Further information and a complete membership application form will be posted to you within seven days.

Contact Details

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Membership Category

Full membership

  • € 1,105
  • € 1,105
  • € 212
  • € 1,105
  • € 1,105

Associate membership

Not eligible to stand for election and allows no voting rights

  • € 780
  • € 225
  • € 2,110

Additional Information

Please indicate whether you have a link with a local or regional authority and the exact nature of this authority’s involvement. Any additional general market information is appreciated.