Michel Escoffier

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21, rue du Calvaire
92210 Saint Cloud, France

Tel: +33 6 12 83 45 99


Michel Escoffier

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Honorary Member

Michel ESCOFFIER has been a consultant in rural development in developing countries for over 25 years and was the General Secretary of the Federation of French Wholesale Market (FFMIN) for 14 years, retiring from that position in June 2013. He was subsequently awarded a WUWM Honorary Membership (Helsinki, May 2013. From 1999-2013 he actively participated in WUWM activities being a member of the Board of Directors for seven years. He contributed to the drafting of the WUWM Good Practice Guide for European Wholesale Market Authorities and actively participated in the establishment and updating of WUWM statistical reports regarding wholesale market activities and evolution. He continues to participate in WUWM events and activities where possible.
Michel is presently an independent consultant in food marketing, specialized in wholesale market identification, definition, modernization, development and implementation.