Marc Spielrein

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14, rue Amélie
75007 Paris, France

Tel: +33607911052


Marc Spielrein

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Marc Spielrein was formerly the Chairman and CEO of Rungis International Market in Paris, retiring from this posiiton after 16 years in late May 2012.
He was WUWM Chairman from 2002-2004, being an active member of the WUWM Board for several years prior to his appointment as Chairman, remaining active in the WUWM Board thereafter.
Marc Spielrein was instrumental in bringing about the establishment of WUWM as an autonomous non-profit entity - formerly operating from 1958-2003 as an associated body within the umbrella of the International Union of Local Authorities (IULA). Under his chairmanship, WUWM established an independent financial basis, strengthened its membership, and created formal regional and technical working groups.
Marc Spielrein was also the WUWM European Regional Chairman from 2002-2012 and was awarded WUWM Honorary Chairman membership in 2003. He continues to actively participate in WUWM activities where possible.