Michel Ganneau

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112 Avenue du General Leclerc
92340 Bourg La Reine, France

Tel: +33 1 46 61 37 92 


Michel Ganneau

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Honorary Member

Michel Ganneau has spent 41 years working as a civil servant for the French Ministry of Agriculture or closely linked companies. With a French degree in agriculture and plant protection he tried to regularly change positions so as to ensure a wide knowledge and experience in the major activitity areas of the rural world. He has taught agriculture, has been responsible at national level for Cooperatives and Producer’s groups, is an expert in agricultural machinery, was a local State representative for agriculture and forestry, and has even worked in French Stud Farms. However, his role as the General Secretary of Semmaris, was “the most enjoyable period of my career, with the pleasure to see immediate results after the modernization process of the market engaged by the team in charge, led by its chairman, Marc Spielrein”.

As a member of WUWM he attended most meetings for several years also taking a prominent role in the development of the WUWM Guide to Good Hygienic Practice for European Wholesale Market Authorities in the European Union (GPG).