LYLM Campaign

Love Your Local Market Campaign                                           

The global 'Love Your Local Market' (LYLM) campaign is supported by the World Union of Wholesale Markets and is an annual event celebrating wholesale & retail (street or covered) markets. It is held in the month of May, now known as the Month of Markets! LYLM Global is supported & coordinated by the World Union of Wholesale Markets (WUWM) since 2014.

The campaign serves to build affection and support for markets, by enhancing their status within the local community and highlighting the importance of markets as community assets.

The ultimate goal is  to increase the profile of local markets not only locally, but also nationally and internationally – and make it an effective campaign with not only the public in mind, but also with decision-makers.

Why should markets participate?

All retail and wholesale markets can participate in LYLM2019 without a fee (even non-WUWM member markets), the campaign can be used to strengthen the relationship and business between wholesale traders and retail traders, thus ensuring the long term turnover of both kind of markets, as well as their ongoing competitiveness with supermarkets.

LYLM can also be used as an in-house celebration of pride, celebrating common life together between the staff, the traders, etc….

What are the goals of LYLM?

The LYLM campaign began nationally in France in 1990 and in the UK in 2011. Due to its success mainly in the UK at that time, the campaign was proposed to other market members within the WUWM, and a first global event coordinated by WUWM Retail Group was launched in 2014 with a core group of retail markets in various cities of Europe. By 2017 the international campaign had grown to over 3,000 markets participating from 17 countries - both inside and outside of Europe.

The WUWM supports the international LYLM campaign and coordinates the international LYLM campaign, and uses the campaign to help unify wholesale and retail member markets and countries. The main goals of the annual LYLM campaign are:

  • To promote the unique relationship between markets with every kind of people;
  • To promote the general profile and role of wholesale and retail markets nationally, regionally and globally;
  • To support the retail market presence towards decision-makers at all levels of government everywhere, especially the European Commission and associated funding partners;
  • To strengthen the wholesale and retail market position in the local government agenda - both nationally and regionally.
  • To strengthen the important linkages between wholesale and retail markets in all communities.

This celebration is an excellent occasion to publicise our pride in all forms of markets - and an important WUWM activity linking our wholesale and retail membership all over the world.

How to get involved                                                               

Basically the idea is to provide a fun and interactive initiative on the market which can bring together market managers, market traders and consumers. LYLM activities can be held at any time during the month of May, the official moth of the LYLM campaign. The campaign is primarily social media driven to get consumers actively talking about their local market. With that, traders need also to be active in social media with their customers and make use of this campaign to apply special offers, discounts, etc during this period.

The more active the interaction between customers and market traders (e.g. tweeting or Facebook, etc) the better. However, some markets are not big on the social media aspect and have instead invested in other entertainment/marketing/media initiatives to put the message out regarding LYLM.

Every market participating is urged to arrange for special entertainment/activities during the campaign to create a fun atmosphere and to try and get as much as possible local community active on the market(s) in that period. Offering workshops,local entertainment, arts and crafts, discounts or initiatives such as free parking, give aways, etc is one way to get people out shopping and on to the market.

The theme for LYLM Global in 2019 is: “Markets: close to your heart” which focuses on the idea of proximity of the markets in terms of location, personal contact with traders, with products…. . It also reinforces the logo  of the campaign.

The LYLM International Celebration 2019 event was held on 16th of May at the Belgrade Night Market.